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AS Tints supply our own revolutionary new product that cleans and
polishes cars without the need for water. It only contains organic
ingredients that are 100% Earth friendly.

If you are a business or private individual who is interested in this new
cleaning method, then we can tell you that it really is a leap forward in
car cleaning technology, providing a new and unique way to keep your
vehicle(s) looking their very best, and achieving maximum visual impact.

Spraying on a section of the car’s surface at a time with our unique
solution, wiping the paintwork then buffing to a high polished shine,
there really is no need for a drop of water to touch the car in order for it
to sparkle.
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The solution works by using hi-tech ingredients that include non-toxic cleaning chemicals and polymer protectant
carnauba wax, combined into one super-convenient product.

This completely eliminates the need for water, soap, hoses, chamois, buckets and waxes when cleaning your car.

The solution contains a special blend of trade-secret surfactants, which lift-up and suspend the dirt from the
surface, where it is swept away with a microfibre cloth without scratching, smearing or shimmering.

As the product is applied and gently moved around the surface, it images an electrical field that attracts the
already positive charged dirt particles up into the negatively charged moving microfibre cloth, so not only is the
dirt swept up into the cloth without scratching the surface, but it simultaneously coats the surface with a high-
tech layer of proprietary polymer protection. This eliminates the need to wax your car after cleaning.

Additional side benefits are an anti-static barrier that prevents your vehicle from attracting dirt and water and UV
protection that will help prevent oxidation and/or the cracking or discolouring of paint finishes, clear coats and
decals. The product can also be used to clean the vehicles glass and wheels.

Retail and wholesale amounts available please contact us for more information or a demonstration.